Blitz Party Live shows up and throws down an on-stage event for middle and high school students all about games, a dance party and Jesus’ love! It’s new and not like anything you’ve seen before! Nothing else like this.

It’s like a rave. But it’s not.
It’s like a game night. But it’s not.
It’s like a concert. But it’s not.

Fused into the dance party atmosphere is a message that we are UNFORGOTTEN by a loving Father God who runs to us no matter how far away we’ve gotten. Never preachy, this event is non stop action! 

WHAT IS Kidz Blitz Live? Kidz Blitz Live is a one hour and 20 minute crowd participation show for kidz. Kidz Blitz has mastered turning spectators into participants! The crowd is divided into the Mosquitos and the Jellyfish. Just by being in the crowd you are an involved and wild team player!


THE MESSAGE Kidz Blitz Live communicates a message of God’s grace and power. It emphasizes, not so much about what we do for God, but what He has done for us through Jesus. It has an evangelistic perspective as it focuses on a God who is active in the world.

  • Jesus makes me strong on my inside  (Ephesians 3:16)
  • Anytime I fall down in life my God will help me get back up and keep going (Psalm 37:24)
  • God can do things I have never seen before (Ephesians 3:20)
  • God gives me courage  (Joshua 1:7, Philippians 1:20)

FamBlitz Live is a whole family experience. It is an FX! With lights, fog, a unique sound track and loads of action, families will experience Biblical truths communicated through high octane games and challenges.

BlitzParty June 8 @ 6 PM 

KidzBlitz June 9 @ 10 AM

Family Blitz June 9 @ 6 PM